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How to Convert MP4 Videos to MP3 in Bulk Offline

Audio files are playing an essential role in the entertainment industry. These days MP3 files are the most widely preferred audio files. MP3 files were introduced three decades ago by the Moving Pictures Experts Group. MP3 files or MPEG-1, Audio Layer 3 files were introduced for saving the storage space and sharing time over a network. However, these days, people mostly MP3 files for listening to music and voice text sharing.

Why should You Convert Your MP4 Videos to MP3?

MP3s at the time of their introduction didn't get much appreciation from music lovers, but they were quite famous for reducing the storage space. MP3 files are known to take 1/10 space in comparison to the relative MP4 files. MP3s can be compressed as well to save the storage space, but highly compressed audio files result in the poor quality of the sound. The following are the benefits of MP3 audio files.

1. Less storage space is required

2. Can be shared and saved in compressed form for saving time and space

3. Quick sharing over a network

4. Can be played on a loop on cellphones without using the device

Offline Conversion of MP4 Videos to MP3 Files in Bulk

You can find a vast number of video to audio converters on the internet. But most of the converters produce poor quality results and do not support offline conversion of MP4 videos to MP3.

For quick and high-quality conversion of video files to audio files, you can install the MP4 to MP3 Converter tool in your PC. This app allows the users to extract out the audio of any video in high-quality output. Besides the conversion feature, you can also edit MP3 files in it.

MP4 to MP3 Converter Tutorial for Offline Conversion

MP4 to MP3 converter is an excellent tool for offline conversion of videos to audio files. Follow the following tutorial for bulk conversion of MP4 video files to MP3 audio files.

1. Download the installation package of MP4 to MP3 Converter on your computer and install it by double-clicking on the installation package.

2. Use the "Add Folder" button for uploading the video files to the converter tool. You can add more than 200 files for conversion.

3. At the bottom side, there is an "Output Path" button. Press on the "Browse" button to set an output path. MP4 to MP3 Converter directly saves the converted MP3 files in the chosen destination.

4. Click on the "Start Converting Now" button to initiate the conversion process. Give a few minutes to the converter app to give you converted MP3s.

Features of MP4 to MP3 Converter

Nowadays, it is quite easy to convert video files into high-quality audio files. MP4 to MP3 Converter is a fantastic utility that helps the users in extracting the audio from video files. This tool offers premium functions for editing and converting audio files. Videos of all formats can be converted to the MP3 files. The converted MP3 files are stored in a predestined folder, and all kinds of media players support them.

1. Interactive and Friendly User Interface

The MP4 to MP3 converter is a simple tool that enables the users to process their video files at a quicker speed. Codes and algorithms work behind the scene, and the user interface is quite friendly — no or less technical knowledge is required.

2. Flexible Conversion

This tool uses the latest technology, and you can process hundreds of videos by using batch mode processing. Users can also control the quality of the converted files by adjusting the bitrate. Furthermore, you can also get converted files into other high-quality audio formats, as well.

3. High-Quality Output

The bit rate determines the quality of audio files. High-quality audio files have a bitrate of 320KBPS. You can also increase the bitrate of the low-quality audio files, which could enhance the quality of the converted audio file. For enhancing the quality of the audio files, chooses the 320KBPS path as an output path.

4. Audio extraction

Audio extraction is a fantastic feature of this incredible convertor. Users can extract the high-quality audio of any video available on the internet. Extraction is also quite simple. Download a video from any site and upload it to the MP4 to MP3 Converter and get the high-quality extracted audio file in MP3 or other audio formats.

5. MP3 Cutter

Users can use the MP3 cutter for extracting the particular part of an audio file. The extraction of a specific audio part is as simple as cropping a photograph. Select the crop range and process your request. Cropped audio files do not overwrite the original audio file, and they are saved as a separate cropped file.

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